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stompy exclusive for the next few weeks.
go buy it now!  ...especially the one by tyler stewart, i heard ladies love its smooth grooves along with an autotuned Robin Thicke.
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Entertaintment for the Night:

Designer Drugs - iheartcomix :: New York City, NY (Electro House)

Designer Drugs is the American electronic music duo consisting of Michael Vincent Patrick and Theodore Paul Nelson. The name Designer Drugs is derived from the term used to describe psychoactive drugs made by underground chemists in order to create street drugs that are not specifically listed as controlled substances. The group is most commonly known for their remixes, but in October 2008 released their debut single "Zombies!" and "Back Up In This" for Franki Chan's record label - Iheartcomix

Grey Granite & J.Brookinz - Heavy Gun :: Indianapolis (Hip-Hop)

Grey Granite and J.Brookinz have been making a lot of noise for danceable hip-hop in Indianapolis. Grey's newest mixtape "Grey Granite Amplifies the Killers" that was produced entirely by J.Brookinz has been receiving a lot of attention lately for it's originality and skill. Who would have thought that a local hip-hop cat would choose a dance punk label to jack for instrumentals? In addition to his work w/ Grey Granite, J.Brookinz also recently won a remix competition for XXL Magazine and was featured on the hip-hop blog

Tyler Stewart - Muzique Boutique & Kid Delicious :: Indianapolis (Mash-Up)

Johnny Utah - iQ Entertainment :: Indianapolis (Drum-n-Bass)

Records drop from 9 PM thru last call

$10 @ the Door
$5 Reduced List is available by emailing with your full name.

Must be 21+